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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Adventures In Managing An Apartment Building

Thanks to guest poster, Demetrio Buccho, for this post.

Owning an apartment building, to most outsiders, seems like the easy way to riches in the US. After all, all you need to do is collect the rent once a month, and pay your mortgage with part of the money collected. The rest of it is free money that you get simply by sitting at home doing nothing, right?

Wrong! Managing an apartment building is more work than most people can handle. I have to pay agents off to get me tenants. And if the tenant is a deadbeat, I have to deal with the legal troubles involved in evicting him. There is the constant headache of maintaining the apartment building. The exterior has to be painted every few years. The interiors have to be painted every few years. Carpets have to be replaced every few years. And that is just routine maintenance. There is always the unexpected breakages, plumbing leaks, electrical problems, cable and telephone line maintenance and so on. It is a never-ending job that only apartment building owners know about.

As part of my latest round of improving my apartment building, I got new cluster mailboxes installed, to replace the old mail slots which were hard to manage. made the replacement project easy and cost-effective. Their apartment mailboxes and community mailboxes make it easy to install individual mailboxes for all my tenants in one common location.

These CBU mailboxes also include package slots so that I don't have to stay in my office all the time to receive packages for my tenants. And it also means my tenants don't blame me when something goes wrong with their packages! Now, packages get delivered to a package slot, I hand my tenant the key and they can deal with their package any way they want to. One less headache for me is always welcome!

ApprovedClusterMailboxes sells high-quality USPS-approved mailboxes in various configurations. Their mailboxes have up to 16 doors, so they can serve the needs of even big apartment buildings like mine. They also sell commercial mailboxes and accessories like pedestals, mailbox decorative tops, etc.

Well, replacing the mailboxes in my apartment building was one of the easiest projects I have done, thanks to the wonderful people at ApprovedClusterMailboxes. I asked them whether they can do anything else that would make managing an apartment building easy, but unfortunately, they don't! It was worth a try, though!!

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