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Sunday, August 8, 2010

All Your Child-Proofing Needs In One Place

We were invited to a friend's baby shower party recently. The couple lives in a nice new home in a new development. The child-proofing they had already done in the house took me back to the days when my wife and I were much younger, and were awaiting our first child. We were quite concerned about child-proofing our home too, and we spent countless hours going to different stores trying to buy just the right products to get it done.

In particular, we had a staircase from our living room down to our foyer that we could not seem to find a proper gate for, however hard we looked. We went from baby stores to toy stores to home improvement stores to department stores. And not a single gate we found fit that stairway correctly. We ultimately had to make do with a badly fitting gate tied with string to railings near the top of the stair case to keep it in place. It was inconvenient and a real eyesore too! We could not wait for our kids to grow up so that we could get rid of that monstrosity.

This friend on the other hand had found child-proofing supplies that fit perfectly. He had found products for every single application, and they were so good it was as if the house had been constructed with the child-proofing already in place. I told him about my experience shopping for child-proofing products, thinking he could relate to my experiences. Actually he couldn't!

It turns out he had done all his shopping from the comfort of his bedroom, over the internet. He told me he had done it all with baby gates from Kidsafe (through their website at His stairway was similar to mine, perhaps a little wider, and his baby gate fit perfectly unlike the contraption we had to build ourselves to keep our stairway out of bounds for our youngsters.

His stairway gates were manufactured by the leader in child safety gates, Kidco Gates. With products from every major manufacturer, though, KidSafe is a one-stop shop to get all your child-proofing needs met in one place. In addition to regular baby gates, they also sell pressure gates, pet gates and extra wide baby gates. I just wish I had had access to a convenient place to get all the child-proofing supplies we needed when we had our kids. Just thinking about our shopping trips, trying to find everything we needed gives me the shivers now!

In addition to their own website, you can keep up to date with KidSafe and their products by accessing their pages on Facebook or Twitter and their Youtube channel. They have more than 2 dozen videos on their Youtube channel talking about babyproofing tips, installation instructions, and various babyproofing products. You can also read the Kidsafe blog for updates to child proofing products, advice for new parents and parents-to-be, and other articles. All in all, KidSafe is, without a doubt, an invaluable resource for new and expecting parents out there.

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