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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ceiling Fans Are An Elegant Way To Save Money On Cooling Bills

This summer has been one of the hottest on record where we live. In addition to the high temperatures, we have been plagued with high humidity also, making the temperature feel much higher. There has been no respite from the heat except to shut all the doors and windows and switch on the central air conditioner.

The constant use of the air conditioner resulted in bill shock when we received our electricity bill a few days earlier. It was more than 3 times higher than what we normally pay, and more than twice what we paid at the same time last year. This led us to start wondering what to do about saving energy and reducing our electricity bill.

Our research led us to Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans. We found out that one of the best ways to save on cooling costs is to invest in a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans circulate the air in a room, generating cool breezes. In the winter, they can also be set to circulate the air so that warm air does not accumulate near the ceilings, leaving the living areas near the floor much colder.

Ceiling fans also add fashion and elegance to any room, and the variety of styles and models makes it easy to match any decor. Ceiling fans can also enhance the appeal of a house if you are trying to prepare it for sale.

Hansen Wholesale is a treasure-house of information about ceiling fans. Their FAQ reads like an encyclopedia on ceiling fans. And they have tips on installing and balancing a ceiling fan also. If you are looking into buying a ceiling fan to help with your cooling needs, you can't go wrong with Hansen Wholesale. They offer free shipping of ceiling fans, and they will pick up the sales taxes too!

Hansen Wholesale sells kinds of ceiling fans than you can shake a stick at! The styles range from contemporary to tropical, from victorian to rustic. They have industrial fans, outdoor fans, table and desk fans, pedestal fans, and wall-mount fans. You can get fans with finishes ranging from painted to antique metal or wood finishes. And they have fans that will fit in any room of a house, starting from fans as small as 24 inches all the way to enormous fans with blade-spans as high as 80 inches!

And as for brands, Hansen Wholesale stocks and sells every major brand of ceiling fan you may have heard of. They have Casablanca ceiling fans, Hunter ceiling fans, Fanimation ceiling fans, and several other brands to suit every style and budget. They also have a rating system that rates each make and model of ceiling fan with a star rating so that it is easy for a shopper to shop for ceiling fans by quality.

This summer has certainly been brutal. But it has reminded us how important it is to be prepared for such weather in the future. Once all the major living areas in our house have ceiling fans from Hansen Wholesale, I can look forward to much more comfortable summers in future years. I will not only save money, but also contribute to a greener planet by consuming fewer resources. All while enhancing the looks and resale value of my house with stylish ceiling fans.

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