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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Escape The Winter Blues By Vacationing In Australia

I have started making plans to put our winter break to good use. The winter is always a dreary time of the year in the midwest. It is day after day of cold, winds, snow and all the other inconveniences of the season. If you are lucky, you get a couple of days of beautiful snow to look at right after it falls. I have decided to explore the possibility of taking a couple of weeks off this winter and go to some place that is actually having summer and nice weather at that time: Australia.

As part of this vacation-planning, I have started looking at booking flights, accommodations, rental cars, etc. And one of the best resources I have found for doing all of this conveniently in one place is the travel site As the name suggests, it is an Australian-based website, so they have some of the best deals on flights to, from, and within Australia, hotels and motels in Australia and car rentals in Australian cities.

Booking well in advance enables you to get lower international airfares, as well as cheap flights within Australia. is a simple-to-use one-stop shop, so it is easy to shop across and compare international flights offered by several different airlines. Many different airlines serve Australia, including Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Jetstar and United Airlines. Being able to see all of their schedules and prices in one convenient place is important in making the right choice.

This will be my first visit to Australia, so I am torn between trying to cover all of that large country in one visit, or trying to go for depth by spending a lot of time in a smaller number of cities. One of the factors that will affect this is the cost of travel within Australia. And will be one of my important resources in determining this cost. So, is going to be quite important in determining what I do in Australia and how I do it.

If you are considering a vacation down under, you should also choose a research partner that is completely familiar with the travel market there. There are many travel booking sites, but when it comes to Australia, there is only one!

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