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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Give Your Kids A Leg Up In School With Online Tutoring

The world is becoming more and more competitive nowadays. It is not enough to be good anymore. One has to be the best to stand out in a crowd of "good" students. It is easy for kids to become discouraged because of the high pressure and competition. One way to build up their confidence and help them compete for the top spots in the academic rat race is online tutoring.

TutorNext is a reputed online tutoring site that uses advanced technology to make sure that students stay engaged with their tutors. Because the site brings together tutors with different expertise and backgrounds, it is easy for students to rely on the online tutoring service for help with all subjects.

TutorNext's tutors work one-on-one with their students over the internet. Because of the one-on-one personalized nature of the lessons, students get the full attention of the tutor and can learn at their own convenience and pace. TutorNext also utilizes advanced technology that enables students and tutors to interact with each other over the internet using a virtual whiteboard and chat capabilities.

TutorNext offers tutoring in a large variety of subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, English, college essay-writing, math, etc. Even within each subject, the level of specialization and the variety of subject areas covered is vast. Math is one of the most important subjects a student has to master for success in later studies and life in general.

TutorNext has separate sections within their math tutoring for grade levels such as 4th grade math, 5th grade math, etc. Each of these grade areas covers all the mathematical concepts that students in those grades are supposed to know and master.

In addition to these, TutorNext also has specialized tutoring in specific subject areas in which a student may be weak. An example would be in the area of adding fractions, for instance. Another area where many students have problems is in solving algebra word problems. So, TutorNext has a separate area set aside for an algebra solver. Obviously, to take full advantage of any kind of algebra, one first has to develop expertise in solving equations. So, there is an area that coaches students in that skill also.

But TutorNext does not stop there. Even advanced subjects are dealt with in some detail, to expose students to the power of advanced math, and its applications in all aspects of our lives. Take data analysis, for instance. TutorNext has a section devoted to line plot, that can be used to make sense of complicated data. Even more impressively, they even have tutoring in college-level subjects like linear programming. Given my profession and my consequent immersion in linear programming and derivative areas, their attempt to expose K-12 students to the power of such advanced math is commendable.

Most parents nowadays did not go through the same math curriculum their students are going through. Math curricula in schools have expanded significantly in the past years, making it difficult for parents to coach their children in advanced mathematics. TutorNext provides a convenient solution to such parents who are looking for outside help to assist their children with their math homework, assignments and overall mathematical understanding and learning.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Online math tutoring is a great help for the students, who need help doing their homework. Since, the time has changed, the way of teaching too. Nowadays students are more internet-savvy and so inclined to online tutoring services like, tutornext and They like online tutors as they provide 1-to-1 tutoring to the students. Online tutoring is pocket-friendly too!

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