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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Glass Tiles Are An Intriguing New Alternative To Ceramic Tiles

Technology changes all things, and home improvement is no exception. The new materials available for home improvement projects today are not the materials your father had access to. Things have improved greatly in many areas.

One of those is the area of tiles. When we asked our contractor about the best choice of tiles to replace the existing ceramic tiles in the master bathroom's shower area, he asked us how willing we were to try something new and exciting. When we said we were open to it, he took us to a website that sells glass tiles.

Glass tiles are just like regular tiles. But they are made of glass. They are transparent and the pattern is painted on the side of the glass away from the surface that you come in contact with, so they don't chip or peel off. Glass is extremely hard, and completely impenetrable to water and other liquids, so they are ideal for places that get wet. This includes bathroom shower stalls, kitchen backsplashes, etc.

Moreover, they are also weather resistant, so they can be used outdoors too. Many homeowners are starting to use them for swimming pool floors and walls, exterior wall art, etc.

The more we looked at the tiles at, the more we were convinced to give it a shot and see how it holds up. The bathroom tiles were quite affordable, and the designs and patterns were much better than what we could get on ceramic tiles. My contractor says they are no more difficult to install than regular ceramic tiles.

Making a choice from all the different designs and patterns was quite difficult. But we ultimately decided to create our own pattern by assembling different colored subway tiles together in different ways to form the walls of the shower stall in the bath. In the kitchen, we are thinking of using stained glass tiles to create an artistic image out of the backsplash.

I can't wait to see how the whole thing looks once it is all put together and installed. The tiles should be delivered to us any day now (the store offers free shipping on the tiles, so that made the tiles even more affordable). My contractor is quite excited about working with glass tiles also, and he promises that the bathroom and kitchen should look exceptional after he is done with them. Which will probably have my wife clamoring to get the other bathrooms done in glass tiles too!

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