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Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Friend Thinks Superb is Superb!

I told you earlier about how my friend and I collaborated in choosing an appropriate web hosting provider for his newly started small business. Based on my recommendation and his own research, he decided to go with Superb as his hosting provider.

Initially he decided that for his budget, and the size of his business, a dedicated server was the best option. He was happy with the 100% uptime guarantee that Superb provided for this service because of their coast-to-coast redundant data centers.

In our most recent conversation, though, he indicated that his budget had become bigger allowing him to consider managed hosting as a possible option. He was coy about whether his budget was bigger because of his day job or because of his online business, but whatever it was, it was a good development.

Managed hosting is just a step away from the big leagues when my friend may be able to purchase his own servers so that he can stop renting them by the month. At that point, he can opt for Superb's colocation, which would allow him to hire Superb just to host and run his server for him in their facilities so that he does not have to worry about climate-control, technical staff, etc.

My friend told me that all the work he has been doing on his startup has made him quite a workaholic. He needs a break quite badly. I told him to take a vacation. He had also looked at my photographs from my recent trip to Peru, and was quite intrigued by the idea of visiting Peru himself. I told him it would be a good break for him as well as his family. I wonder if my travel agent will pay me a commission if my friend books his tour through the same agent!

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