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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TJ Scores Twice As The Orange Team Wins Again

Contributed by Milford Woods

The Orange Team won again today in TJ's six-year-old soccer match. While the score was 11 to 9, which is pretty impressive for any soccer game, TJ scored two goals. He was extremely happy with his performance grinning from ear to ear from the joy of putting the ball into the net. I just love watching the little guy run around with the other kids, and really at that age no one cares if they win or lose, they are just having fun. Still, we were pretty close to missing the game entirely.

We were running late, as always, and got about two minutes from the house when we realized we had forgotten his shin guards and other gear. So back home we drove. I dashed into the house, and grabbed his stuff. I had enough time to pet the dog, and set the adt security system, before I was back in the care heading back to soccer field. I am so glad we made it to the game. The weather was nice, and about fifty other parents had showed up as well to enjoy the day. There literally was not a parking place to be found, and hopefully we get the same turnout of people again next week. The kids seem to enjoy running around to the cheers and applause from parents and grandparents, as much as we love watching them play.

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