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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Week Of No Breakages, For A Change!

Well, the title says it all: this last week, no expensive appliances at home broke. No expensive part of my house needed repair or replacement. My cars did not make any mysterious noises that needed expensive fixes. My lawnmower still works, and my plumbing did not spring any leaks or breaks.

It is not as if I am complaining! I am quite glad. It was not very fun having these unexpected expenses blowing my budget out of the water. A little peace and quiet on the repair and replacement front was well-deserved!

The week turned out to be uneventful all around. We were supposed to have a progress meeting on the status of my big project with directors of my department, IT and the user group, but people got held up and some of them couldn't make it to the meeting. So, the meeting got moved to the middle of this week. Maybe it will happen this week. Maybe it won't. I don't care much for this new emphasis that all the management types are placing on project management rather than getting any real work done. All I ever do, it seems, is create project plans, detailed time lines, project update presentations, and status update meetings in which everyone looks at the time lines and says we are on track. Of course, we are on track! There is actual work to be done only once every 3 months it looks like, the rest of the time line is simply project updates anyways!!

I did a little better on the blogging front this week than I did last week. I put together a post on Monday about how my hot water problem got solved without having to get the hot water heater replaced. Then, on Tuesday, I published a review of the Admiral gas dryer I got to replace the one that broke the week before last.

I have been walking around the past 10 days or so with a pedometer clipped to my belt. It was provided to me free of charge by my employer as part of an employee wellness program aimed at encouraging employees to be more active and exercise more. I wrote and published a review of this pedometer on Friday. I have been walking a little more than usual because I have been conscious of its presence, and have wanted to push it to higher and higher totals. My maximum still stands at just below 18,000 steps, but I have exceeded 14,000 steps on several days now.

But my blog did worse than it did last week in terms of attracting visitors from new countries. This week, I got no visitors from any new countries. So, my flag count stands at 146 countries and waiting.

I did more loads of laundry on the washer and dryer this week. Having a dryer that actually dries clothes in about an hour instead of having to switch it on repeatedly over a 3-hour period before a load of clothes is dry was quite liberating. I wonder how much longer I would have put up with my previous dryer (that barely got clothes lukewarm) if it hadn't quit completely.

I know I haven't quite finished my series of posts on my Peru vacation yet. So, I will probably work on a couple of posts to finish that up this week. After that, I hope I will have enough discipline to go back to putting together posts about Microsoft Access, Vedic Mathematics and other topics that I haven't blogged about in several weeks now. Gotta go now . . .

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