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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wood Adds A Touch Of Class To Any Kitchen

This year we have been on a home improvement spree, updating various parts of the house, both inside and out. The first task for this year was a complete remodeling of the master bathroom. We have some updates planned for the other two bathrooms in the house also. Then, we have work going on in the yard, paving over some dirt areas to make them usable as sitting areas, and trimming vegetation that has grown too much and taken over parts of the yard.

Then came furniture shopping to update some of the furniture in our living room and dining area. And through all of this, the kitchen was quite untouched, and my wife was feeling a little neglected (though she chose the furniture for the living room). So, we decided to update the storage spaces in the kitchen with some wooden racks made by J.K. Adams.

J.K. Adams wood products for the kitchen have built a reputation for quality and elegance, and it is easy to see why. They have a large selection of various products that suit various price points, and they have a full satisfaction guarantee and a generous return policy.

My wife had a tough time making a choice between the different JK Adams pot racks and JK Adams spice racks on sale at their website. But the low price guarantee, and the fact that we could return any item we were not satisfied with made the selection process easier and less risky than it would have been otherwise.

She also took this opportunity to get a new JK Adams cutting board while she was in the process of getting the other stuff. The other stuff will probably be hidden out of view most of the time, whereas she can proudly display her new cutting board to her friends when they visit. The JK Adams website has a knowledgebase that is devoted to answering questions about various things such as choosing the right material for cutting boards, how to sanitize and take care of cutting boards, etc. My wife felt confident that she was buying the right products for the right reasons after she used the material in these articles in making her decision about which cutting board to buy!

I am now in the process of trying to sneak in a JK Adams wine rack into one of the cupboards in the kitchen. I have explained to my wife that it will take up very little room and she does not have to sacrifice much of her storage space to accommodate my wine rack. But my wife is not naive! I might have to switch to a different tack and start touting the health benefits of wine to get my way with the wine rack!

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