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Friday, September 17, 2010

Can A Bulletin Board Preserve My Sanity?

As my kids grow up, the number of activities they are involved in has gone up steadily. They have dance lessons, singing lessons, violin lessons, gymnastics classes, volleyball games, karate classes, after-school club meetings, homework get-t0gethers with friends, and probably dozens of other activities that I don't even remember now!

How can one keep track of so much stuff. I found that it was easy to put all this in a calendar program, but not everyone in the house is as technologically oriented as I am. Things got forgotten because we forgot to check the computer often enough. Or because the computer was off when an appointment came due.

I then struck upon the idea of printing out each day's activities and putting it somewhere prominent. Initially, I thought I would put it up on the refrigerator, but that may not work. My kids sometimes take the sheet off its usual place and then misplace it where they can not find it. And then things get forgotten once again.

I am not gravitating towards a solution that will allow me to put a printed schedule for each day in a common place in the home, and nobody else except me or my wife can actually get at the schedule physically. I have decided to get an enclosed bulletin board!

I came upon this idea when I came across the website of a merchant who sells enclosed bulletin boards. This merchant has a low price guarantee on all their products, a 30-day return period, an unconditional satisfaction guarantee, and free shipping on all their products. They also have numerous styles for these bulletin boards, including some which will fit right at home without making it feel like a hotel lobby!

Similar to the large selection of styles, depending on your taste, you can get enclosed cork bulletin boards or enclosed fabric bulletin boards. They also have enclosed outdoor bulletin boards that can be used to leave messages for delivery people, mailmen and other people who visit your house.

Once I put this up in a good place, and make sure that only my wife and I have keys to it, we should be able to keep better track of our children's activities in the future. No more missed classes, no more disappointed groans or screams from the kids. As I get older, my grip on sanity is getting more and more tenuous, but hopefully this solution will enable me to hold onto what I have left a little tighter!

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