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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Comparison Shopping Made Easy!

I wrote a while back about the research I am doing on vacations in Myrtle Beach. Unfortunately, the summer filled up with other activities, and I never got to take that vacation. Once my kids's schools started, things became even more dicey for this vacation that was long in the planning. Now, I am trying to revive this idea for a possible thanksgiving vacation.

Given the lousy weather where I live and the gorgeous weather Myrtle Beach enjoys during winter, this may not be such a bad thing after all! All the golf courses around where I live will be frozen over harder than my golf balls that time of the year, so I have to go someplace warm to play golf anyways. This vacation will give me a chance to enjoy the good weather and also satisfy my craving for golf at the same time.

My research has been greatly helped along by, which is a combined website for 6 different resorts. It was easy to locate the website when I started searching around on various search engines for "golf packages Myrtle Beach". The 6 resorts included in this comparison site are Grande Shores, SeaSide, Prince Resort, Towers At North Myrtle Beach, Horizon, and Avista Resort. Each of them offers amenities like shopping, miles of beaches, and choice of accommodations in hotel rooms or luxury condominium suites with private kitchens and so on.

But rather than being restricted to choosing from one or two choices, you get the option of choosing from 6 different resorts. Your chosen dates do not work at one of the resorts, they will probably work out at another one. Your preferred accommodation type is sold out at one of the resorts, not to worry, there will probably be availability at a different one.

The unique aspects of each of these resorts also adds variety to your vacation. Grande Shores is located on the Grand Strand with unobstructed views along the northern shoreline. Seaside is a brand new, all-condominium hotel in north Myrtle Beach. The Prince Resort is located in the Cherry Grove section of Myrtle Beach, just walking distance from the Cherry Grove Pier. Towers at North Myrtle Beach features 1, 2 or 3-bedroom condominiums, with private balconies. The Towers features an elevated water recreation area with outdoor pools, spas and a lazy river, all elevated 40 feet off the ground. Avista resort is the newest resort in Myrtle Beach.

Being able to access all these resorts from a single portal at makes them all the more attractive. It enables me to plan with fewer constraints and restrictions. I can also compare the resorts side by side and decide what is important to us and what is nice to have but not essential. This definitely makes vacation-planning much less stressful, and we can spend our money and time on what we enjoy the most without having to waste it on things we may not appreciate. If you are planning a visit to Myrtle Beach, you should definitely look into this site too.

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