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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ever Wonder Where Product Labels Come From?

Every product you buy probably comes with some kind of label on it. Most people don't notice these labels at all, but some, like me, do. These labels contain stuff like UPC bar codes, product serial numbers, information about where the item was manufactured and other types of information. Obviously, the label is an important part of the product itself even though most people do not even think about it or its importance.

One of the companies out there whose sole business is to make labels and name plates for others' products is a company called Data Graphics, Inc. This company produces custom labels for industrial and military applications. They are ISO 9001:2000 registered, and they also produce other products such as nameplates, warning decals, instruction labels, UPC barcode labels, thermal transfer labels and much more.

In addition to plain printed labels, Data Graphics can also produce labels out of metals like Aluminum, that contain engravings, machinings, die cuttings, etc. These can be affixed to products in places that are likely to be exposed to harsh conditions like immersion in water, exposure to high temperatures and/or steam, etc.

If you are thinking of producing a product and are looking for a good place to supply you a custom label for the product, Data Graphics just might be the solution to your problem. Data Graphics has been producing custom labels and other product information products for over 25 years. They guarantee on-time production and delivery of labels, nameplates and other products that meet your specifications.

A good label can sometimes be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful product. You don't want to take chances with such a highly visible part of your product. That is why it is best to leave the label up to an expert in the business such as Data Graphics while you work on making your product better and more useful to your potential customers.

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