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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homework Is Keeping Me Busier Than I Anticipated

So, I thought I knew what I was getting into when I signed up for this tax preparation class. I knew that the material could be complicated and confusing, but given my experience preparing my own tax returns for the past 20 years, I did not anticipate too many problems.

Actually, the material in the class itself is not very challenging, to be totally frank. Yes, it is a lot of legalese and a lot of fine print. Something is true if something else is true, but ... . There is always the big but with everything in a tax class. The tax code is living proof that there is a rule for every exception and an exception to every rule!

The problem with the course is the amount of homework it requires. Last week, it took me a solid 6 hours to get through the 6 chapters of homework I had to do. Essentially, each exercise in the homework usually consists of either completing a full tax return, or filling out a certain schedule or worksheet based on material covered in that chapter.

I thought most of the exercises would be done and reviewed during the class, but it turns out students have to finish all the work at home, and the instructor just reads out the solution line by line in class. Most of the class is devoted to quizzes, and answering students' questions and concerns.

We did come across at least one or two cases for which the instructor did not have a clear answer and said she would have to research it during the week and get back to us the next week. I now have 3 more chapters for which I have to finish all the exercises before the coming Saturday. I hardly have time to do anything else suddenly!

I also came down with a nasty cold this past week. It always happens soon after the kids head back to school. It takes about a week for them to pick up something at school and bring it home. Then it makes the rounds at home. I am usually the last to be affected, but most times I don't escape, and I do get affected. So, I was not surprised when I got the cold, but it was sure inconvenient and annoying.

Between the sniffling and sneezing, and my heavy homework load, I did not have time to get a whole lot done on my blog this week either. I did put up a post explaining why hard disks never seem to be the same size as what the manufacturer claims them to be. I then published a review of my newly bought and installed external hard drive, which was delivered to me early this week.

My blog was visited by visitors from two new countries: Northern Mariana Islands, and Djibouti. With the addition of these 2 countries, my tally of countries stands at a nice and round 150. I was amazed when my tally reached 100. What can I say now that my tally has gone way beyond that and reached 150? Whoever knew that people from 150 different countries would be interested in what I rant about?!

The upcoming week promises to be as busy as the last week. I have to get an early start on the tax homework to have it comfortably done before my next class at the end of the week. Work will be hectic as usual. Time to finish this post up, and get ready for the upcoming week. There are chores to complete, books to finish reading, movies to finish watching, etc.

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