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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Made The Right Choice With Glass Tiles

I wrote earlier about how my contractor suggested glass tiles to us when we redid the master bathroom and kitchen backsplash. The tiles were delivered on time, and my contractor and I unpacked the boxes with great anticipation. My contractor went to work right away, putting the tiles in the kitchen first.

The stained glass tiles we got for the kitchen have held up pretty well so far. The patterns are still as bright as they were when we originally bought the tiles. The fact that the patterns are on the other side of the transparent glass tiles, protected by the glass itself, helps. Cleaning agents, water, oil and other material that can damage patterns on a ceramic tile can not even get to the patterns on these glass tiles.

Glass is also a hard material, so it can not be scratched easily, even when abrasive agents are used to clean the surface of these tiles. The durability of these tiles is now no longer a mystery!

For the bathroom, we bought subway tiles which we wanted to assemble ourselves into an artistic pattern. We drew pictures for the contractor so that he could create the patterns according to what we had in mind. The bathroom tiles were easy to install, and the patterns looked pretty good after the installation. Obviously, a more artistic person could have put them together in more visually stunning ways, but I am reasonably satisfied with how it turned out.

It was a great experience, learning about and trying out these glass tiles in the kitchen and one of our bathrooms. When we redo the other bathrooms in the house, we will certainly be looking at glass tiles once again. Ceramic tiles were OK in their day and age, but that day and age has passed now! They can not hold a candle to the quality, durability and ease of maintenance of glass tiles. Glass tiles are the future of tiling, and I am glad I discovered them before spending a lot of money on ceramic tiles for my projects.

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