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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Generation

This article written by Alonso Kramer.

Ive seen a lot of blogs popping up about the new show My Generation, so I decided that I was going to check into it and see what it is all about. From the looks of it, it looks like it is going to be an interesting new show on ABC about a group of high school friends and what their lives are like 10 years after graduating. From all of the reviews and the episode guides, I think that this show is going to be something that interests a lot of people. It seems to be taking on all of the stereotypes of people in high school and then showing how differently people can end up.

I always like seeing new shows succeed past the first season, and I think that My Generation has a good chance of doing that. The cast is mostly new, fresh actors who will hopefully be able to carry the show. The concept of the show is interesting enough to create many great story lines within one show. Just about everyone can relate to what its like to go through high school and then run into friends you haven't seen in years. I plan on tuning in to watch the first episode on my satellite tv near Detroit.

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