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Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Family And I May Agree On Something After All!

My wife and kids have become quite enthusiastic about helping me plan for our Myrtle Beach vacation. This can sometimes be a hindrance even though they are trying to help. Satisfying too many tastes all at once can lead to an impasse where nothing gets done because everybody is dissatisfied with something or the other.

But, in this case, it may turn out to be quite a help because they are gravitating towards a hotel which satisfies my tastes quite well too. Instead of having to sell that hotel to my wife and kids after I have chosen it for my own selfish reasons can be more difficult than them making the choice and trying to sell me on it.

The resort that they have their eyes on is called the Grande Shores Ocean Resort (accessible through their website at It seems ideal for a family group like ours because rather than just hotel rooms, this resort also features condominiums of various sizes to accommodate different-sized groups. The resort is located right on the beach, on the Grand Strand, with gorgeous views of the ocean from most accommodations.

The resort's home page also allowed me to sign up for emails about Myrtle Beach vacation deals offered by the resort by filling out a simple form. This will hopefully allow me to time our vacation so as to reduce our costs even further. Grande Shores offers a huge variety of golf courses to play on in addition to the water sports and other beach-related amenities, so I am keeping a close look on my email to make sure I don't miss any specials that will allow me to take in a few rounds of golf at a significant discount.

I also did some research on independent web sites offering reviews of travel-related services. I found that most Myrtle Beach hotel reviews about Grande Shores were quite positive. I spent some time going through the comments in detail. In addition to the resort's website, the comments in these reviews provide valuable insights into the quality of the property, its amenities, etc.

I have not yet agree enthusiastically to my wife's and kids' suggestion of this hotel yet. You see, if I do that, they will consider it suspicious and start finding something wrong with the place. That is the level of trust they have in my tastes when it comes to hotels! So, I am going to play hard to get, and play devil's advocate, giving them a million reasons why we should consider some other place. After a few days of this, I will give in grudgingly "just to satisfy them", and that should seal the deal in favor of this hotel! Ah, the wonders of family politics and vacations . . .

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