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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Specialty Travel Sites Cater To Travelers Looking For Something Unique

The internet has domocratized many aspects of life nowadays. Shopping sites have sprung up to cater to the shopping needs of every segment of society. Similarly, specialized travel sites have sprung up to take care of the travel needs of people who don't just want to travel to places like other people.

Many of the people who have special travel needs may be looking for advice on how to get vegetarian food where they are going, or how to indulge in extreme sports that are indigenous to where they are traveling. Another site I came across recently focuses on making travel easier for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender travelers. It is called Gay Travel Buddy.

This site is organized like a blog with tags on the right-hand side of the page to allow visitors to navigate the site in different ways. For instance, the site lists various categories of establishments that travelers may be interested in visiting. Some examples are gay bars, restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops. These establishments are not restricted to a single city, rather they list all posts tagged with the appropriate tags. The list is extensive, and covers gyms, nail salons and other types of establishments also.

The site also has detailed information about many cities in the US. There are several articles devoted to the Las Vegas area and New York city for instance. Some cities have entire neighborhoods that are considered more friendly to gays and lesbians. Examples are the San Francisco Castro Area, and the San Diego Hillcrest Area. These neighborhoods also have their own tags to make it easy to find attractions in these areas.

There are lots of photographs in the articles, giving the site some visual appeal. Articles are dated June and July of 2010, and there seems to be no activity after that date. The information is certainly useful and the list is by no means complete. So, expect more pages to be added to the site as the site gets established, and becomes an often-referred-to site that more gays and lesbians turn to for information.

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