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Friday, September 10, 2010

Take Charge Of Your Credit Report And Get Mistakes Removed

Thanks to guest blogger, Yain Uribe Valle, for this post.

Recently, my application for a credit card got rejected. I have never had a credit card application denied before, so this was quite shocking. Along with the rejection letter, I got a letter saying I could look at my credit reports based on this rejection.

When I requested and received my credit reports, I found that they had information that was not true. Credit cards with late payments that were never paid. Accounts written off as uncollectable that were never opened by me. Maybe somebody had used my information to commit credit fraud, and my credit report looked awful because of that.

A bad credit report is not a good thing. It can not only get you turned down for credit card applications like I was, it can also hinder you from getting a good job, or renting or buying a good house. I decided that the bad information in my credit report had to be cleaned out. But this is a time-consuming job that is best left to professionals.

So, I hired a company that offers credit repair services, and explained my problem to them. They got to work right away and started producing results from day one. They started getting negative items deleted from my credit reports not just from one credit agency, but from all three credit agencies.

My credit score started going up steadily once I put CCRC to work on my credit reports. Within a few weeks, I had gone from mediocre to solidly credit-worthy. Once they were able to establish that my credit reports had been marred by fraud, the process was quite smooth, and they were able to get all the false negative information removed from my credit report. Based on my experience with them, I would rate them one of the best credit repair services out there.

If you are having problems buying a house or car, or if your credit card applications are rejected, the reason could very well be in your credit report. You should definitely take a look at the credit reports, not just from one agency, but from all three credit reporting agencies. If there is negative information in the report, that may be holding you back from the credit you deserve.

Fighting with credit reporting agencies requires patience, perseverance, and knowledge of procedures and processes that most common people do not have. It is best to hire a company that offers credit repair services, and have them battle the bureaucracies at the credit reporting agencies on your behalf. A company like CCRC has the manpower and expertise to make a difference to your credit report in a short amount of time. The results are well worth the expense, so don't put off the restoration of your good credit and good reputation. It is not good to be worrying about a bad credit report when you are in an emergency and need credit urgently!

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