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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Trust Your Skin's Health To Skincare Products Created By A Dermatologist

When you have problems with your car, you wouldn't think of taking the car to your dentist. You would take it to a professional who is trained to take care of cars rather than caries and cavities. But when it comes to their skin, most people don't follow the same path. When they have skin problems or conditions, they get advice from pharmacy checkout clerks about products they can use to help solve the problem. Many of these people don't have the expertise to treat skin problems. And many of the products they recommend are little more than placebos, created by non-experts with no scientific basis.

When it comes to skin, there is one brand that stands out, and that is Murad. Dr. Howard Murad, the founder and CEO of Murad, is an MD and a world authority on skin care. He is a board-certified dermatologist and clinical professor of medicine at UCLA. His research and experience guide the creation of Murad skin care products.

Murad has solutions for most common skin care problems faced by many people in different stages of their lives. For most people, skin problems start in their teens with acne. Murad's acne products range from cleansers and moisturizers to supplements and toners that have garnered rave reviews from users.

At the other end of the spectrum, as people grow older, the skin shows symptoms of abuse through the years in the form of age spots. Murad's age spot treatment gel works, and works better than any other over-the-counter medication that purports to treat age spots. The user reviews of this gel reveal that 95% of users would recommend the product to others.

And if you have good skin now, and would like to keep it healthy for years to come, Murad has products geared towards maintaining skin health also. Murad produces pore cleansers that keep skin firm and healthy by reducing the possibility of bacterial infections in clogged pores. Murad also makes anti-aging treatments, oil-free sun-protection products, and and a revolutionary cellulite solution regimen that fights cellulite from the inside and outside.

And lest you think that Murad is all about catering to the vanities of women, Murad's men's shaving products should convince you otherwise. The Murad Man Regimen includes Cleansing Shave, Razor Burn Rescue and Face Defense SPF 15. All of Murad's products work for both men and women, but this regimen is specifically formulated to reduce razor burns, ingrown hairs and bumps, and irritation and redness.

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