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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ugly Betty

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

I was devastated this past year when Ugly Betty went off the air. Ugly Betty was one of my favorite shows on television over the course of the last four years. The story line was quirky and fresh, which made it stand out from other shows in its genre. It's interesting and fun take on the fashion world kept me coming back week after week. The characters were all well developed and truly unique. It was one of the first shows to really bring attention to many different issues in a light hearted way. Ugly Betty focused on everything from gay teens to body image to immigration, making it a truly interesting fashion focused show.

My satellite tv was regularly tuned into this show over the course of its run on tv and I loved watching all of the interesting fashions on the show. The wardrobe was amazing and different, which is what made it so interesting. This show was the perfect combination of humor and whit, with an amazing cast that pulled off a truly intriguing story line.

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