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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Watch DVD Movies On The Go With A DVD Ripper

DVD's have revolutionized video and movie viewing in many ways. They are convenient and light-weight, and allow us to watch movies in multiple languages with subtitles in different languages. Even though DVD's are much better than video tape when it comes to shape and size, they are still a little inconvenient because of their large diameter. This make it impossible to watch DVD's on most portable devices.

It is also inconvenient to carry around a bunch of DVD's if you don't know what you may be in the mood for watching. If you carry a laptop around, and would like a library of DVD movies at your disposal, it is now possible, given the large hard disk sizes now available with laptops. All you have to do is rip your DVD's onto the laptop or mobile device, and you have a handy video library at your disposal.

Software that allows you to rip DVD's onto PC's and mobile devices is, appropriately, called a DVD ripper. And the new version 6 of ImTOO DVD Ripper is an outstanding software product designed for this purpose. From my previous posts, you know that I am a big fan of free software and freeware products. But ImTOO's DVD Ripper is worth paying for because of its speed and quality compared to most free products in the same category.

ImTOO DVD Ripper allows you to rip DVD's into video formats compatible with all portable players. In addition, you can rip a DVD to avi, mpeg, mov, rm, and many other formats compatible with practically all PC's. And if you have a Mac, fear not: ImTOO makes a DVD Ripper Mac version also that allows you to run the program on a Mac.

The program is available in three different editions, the standard, platinum and ultimate editions. Given the slight cost increase of the ultimate edition over the standard edition, I would consider that a good deal. With the ultimate edition, you get functionality that you can not get with the standard and platinum editions. These functionalities include creation of an ISO file out of your DVD, clipping and cropping the video, adjusting the subtitle, adding a watermark, setting multiple soundtracks and/or multiple subtitles, etc. As I said, this is very powerful and well-designed software that can make your DVD ripping quite effortless.

This software makes it easy to take the convenience of DVD's several steps forward. Now, you can carry your entire DVD library around with you, whether you carry a laptop when you travel for business or pleasure, or you commute for long times on public transit with a portable device such as an Ipod touch. You can even rip your DVD's into formats that are compatible with most smart phones like Iphones, and android-based phones with large video screens, that makes it possible to watch your DVD movies on your phone's screen without any problems. With a good DVD ripper that is flexible, powerful and easy-to-use, the possibilities are endless!

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