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Friday, October 29, 2010

Annual Fantasy Hockey League Draft

Guest post written by Rosie Holliwell

Every year my husband and his friends all come over to our house for their fantasy hockey league draft. I guess that it's something that not every wife would be so nice to her husband to fix all this food and host all this stuff. But I also invite the wives of his friends over so we can talk and complain about how much we don't like hockey because we have to hear about it so much all of the time.

I was online sending out emails to the other fantasy hockey wives and also looking up recipes for this party online when I saw the web site and read through and ended up deciding to switch over our internet service to it. I was so tired of having to call up our old wireless company all the time for them to talk me through all the problems we experienced with it.

The party ended up being a success on my end and from what my husband said, I coudl tell that the league draft was also a success. But honestly, I didn't really care about that. I just had fun talking to the other women.

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