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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Get A New Start On Your Finances Instead Of Drowning In Debt

As the economy continues to drag along in what feels like a recession in spite of the experts' declarations that the recession was over more than a year ago, more and more families are finding themselves in the uncomfortable situation of having to continue to spend money while having no income. With job creation still in the dumps, unemployment continues to be high, making it impossible to generate new income. Some families are eating through their savings, while others have gone through theirs and are starting to accumulate staggering amounts of debt.

Most of this debt is in the form of credit card balances and other personal loans. This is usually high-interest debt, and the interest is not tax deductible. This makes this kind of debt quite undesirable. Fortunately, there are some ways to get out from under this mountain of debt apart from declaring bankruptcy and ruining your credit rating for a long time.

United Debt Counseling offers strapped families a way get out from the clutches of their debt by offering debt settlement and debt negotiation services. There are no hidden or upfront fees. Their experienced debt counselors not only advise clients but are able to negotiate with their creditors to provide debt relief.

In many cases, United Debt Counseling can arrange for one affordable monthly payment instead of making separate payments to several different creditors. And the program is structured to get the client out of debt in as little as one to three years. And all this without having to declare bankruptcy or have your wages garnished.

They also offer tax settlement services that allow you to negotiate an affordable payment schedule with the IRS for taxes or penalties owed. This can help prevent more penalties and interest charges from accumulating, making it easier to get on track with your obligations to the government.

In addition to these services, United Debt Counseling also offers financial education to its clients. This can include budgeting, saving, counseling about debt options, and other services. Financial literacy is probably one of the most important things to have in today's world, and it is one of the things that is barely covered in school or college. United Debt Counseling can step into the breach and educate their clients about this important topic so that they can stay out of financial trouble in the future.

If you are drowning in an ocean of debt, and think you have no options or help, think again. There are several options less drastic than declaring bankruptcy. Explore them with United Debt Counseling's experienced associates. You will come out better off than doing nothing or choosing drastic measures. After the immediate problem is taken care of, enroll in their educational offerings to teach yourself about debt, savings, budgeting, and other financial matters. It has never been more important to know about these things so that you can navigate the shark-infested waters of personal finance safely and securely.

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