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Saturday, October 30, 2010

An Innovative Way To Evaluate Logo Design Companies

The best way to evaluate the quality of a company's work is to hire them, have them do some work and then look over their work with a critical eye. This is particularly true of creative undertakings like art. Since art is so subjective, one has to be careful in evaluating samples side by side at the same time so that your frame of mind at that time does not influence your evaluation of the art.

Why is art so important? Websites rely on art to a larger extent than most would think. The most memorable part of a website interaction in many cases is the logo on the company's website. Have a memorable logo, and you attract a lot of visitors who remember your site and let their friends know. Have a logo that nobody remembers, and your traffic is not going to be so high.

So, it pays for a website to put some effort into choosing a good logo design for their site. But, not many internet small businesses have the wherewithal to hire multiple logo designers and have them compete with each other to create logos for them. For instance, a company like Logo Design Pros might charge several hundred dollars to do a full set of logo designs, including flash logos. Hiring multiple companies to compare their talents side by side becomes prohibitively expensive.

That is where comes into the picture. This company has already done the hard work for you: they have hired 6 well-known internet logo-design companies and paid them to produce logos for their own website. To do a side by side comparison of the work of these creative firms, go to the Logos website and look at the different logos these companies came up with. then had their own people compare the logos and write detailed reviews about each of the companies. In addition to some subjective comments about the art itself, the reviews include the amount of money paid to the companies, the turnaround time for the artwork to be created and other details also.

This is a wealth of information that is difficult if not impossible for a small business website operator to collect on his own. But it is very valuable and useful information. If you do a small business on the web, and want to raise its profile with a professionally designed logo that attracts and retains visitors, you should check out and their unique approach to comparing and rating logo designs and logo design companies.


sanj said...

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Unknown said...

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Corporate Logo Design said...

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Unknown said...

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Akshita Kaur said...

Web design is everything related to what the user actually views on his screen, and not about the mechanisms beneath the surface that make it work.

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Zara Porter said...

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