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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Star Of The Ladies Night-In

Guest post kindly written and provided by Patricia Donnelley

The ladies night-in has been a tradition in my place since God knows when. The men take off and go out for a men's night out while the women stay in and have a "night-in" every Friday. We take turns hosting these fun parties and the conversation is as good as or better than the food!

This Friday, the ladies night-in was hosted at my place. A couple of weeks back, I saw a glowing review of Enclume pot racks, and convinced my husband to order me one. After it arrived, my husband helped me install the Enclume pot rack in a prominent place in the kitchen. I then arranged my best pots and pans in the pot rack.

When my friends arrived for the ladies night-in, nobody could seem to take their eyes off the pot rack. Everyone was curious about it, and asked me lots of questions about it. It was great fun being the center of conversation, answering all the questions my friends had about Enclume in general, and the pot rack in particular.

The ladies night-in was great fun, as usual. Sometimes, the food is the star of the ladies night-in. And sometimes, it is the conversation and juicy gossip. But I think my Enclume pot-rack was the star of the latest ladies night-in. I didn't really mind because, in spite of its other excellent qualities, the pot rack can't really talk. So, I became the center of all conversations, and the most sought-after person at the party. My pot rack my be the star of the ladies night-in, but I was the one basking in its warm light!

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