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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Whatever Did People Do Before There Was The Internet?!

Recently, the eldest son of a friend of mine left home and went off to college. My friend and his wife accompanied him to his new university and spent a couple of days getting him settled in before coming back. I met them later that week and asked them how their son was settling in. My friend said he doing well, having settled in, and was getting busy with classes, homework and the usual college stuff.

I asked him where he was living, and my friend said he was living with roommates in a shared apartment. I remember when I first went to college, I moved into a dorm at the college because I needed someplace to stay right away before I would be able to find friends and rent an apartment etc. Eventually, after a semester, I did find roommates and rented an apartment with them, but everything took time. In the meantime, I was paying through my nose for the university-provided dorm room!

It turns out my friend's son had connected with potential roommates through a couple of websites before even heading out to his college. He connected up using and Both are sites that make it easy to find a roommate over the internet. You can search for roommates and rooms to rent on the sites, and start making arrangements even before you set foot wherever you are headed to. The roommate finder on these websites is very easy to use, as can be expected!

If you are already in an apartment and want to find a roommate to share it with, the sites allow you to do that too. You can list your room rental like in a classified ad (except it is totally free in this case), and just wait for it to show up on searches and somebody to contact you regarding the property. No need to put up "roommates wanted" signs on grocery store bulletin boards, and hoping that somebody stops to read your listing from among the dozens of listings put up in a narrow, dimly lit corridor while pushing a grocery cart with a wheel that wants to go in every direction except where the shopper wants it to go! Just do a roommate search on one of these sites and contact potential roommates directly to initiate the process.

These sites represent another innovative use for the internet. It is amazing how much the internet has changed life in the past dozen or so years. It has made practically everything we do much easier. Now you can not only find the right university and student loans that will enable you to attend that university, you can also find the perfect roommates to share your life at the university with! I am almost scared to think what the next evolution of the internet is going to produce and how it is going to change our lives!!

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