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Monday, November 22, 2010

Comparison Shopping For Car Insurance Couldn't Be Easier Than iSelect

Thanks to guest blogger, Mariam Galleghan, for this post.

Buying auto insurance always seems like such a chore. Every time my auto insurance is up for renewal, it is time for me to make a bunch of phone calls to get quotes from various companies for my insurance needs. It has become a habit for me, but it is a chore because it takes up time, and you have to fend off calls from pushy insurance brokers who won't take no for an answer after I have already made up my mind to go with a competitor.

The internet has made this job much easier now. I don't have to do the comparison shopping by phone anymore. All I have to do is plug in my details into a good comparison site, and I get several quotes for car insurance instantly!

iSelect is a one-stop shop for all your auto insurance needs in Australia. Once you provide your details on their website, they will obtain you quotes from their large panel of competitive insurance providers. They will help you compare the features and price of each quote, and help you make the right choice.

Now, I don't have to look up insurance brokers and agents in the telephone book. I don't have to call each of them and repeat myself over and over again giving them details about my car or my driving record. I don't have to write down the detailed price quotes from each agent, or make sure the coverage includes everything I wanted, but not things I did not ask for. All I have to do is head on over to iSelect. I am in charge there, and the only thing I have do is select!


employers liability insurance said...

Hey, I've been looking for an online insurance site, to help me compare deals. Thanks a lot, it sounds like iSelect is just what I was looking for. I love checking things out online, before or instead of talking to someone on the phone... that way I don't feel "pressured" into buying, if you know what I mean. :)

Insurance Deductible said...

Nice. Every car owner should really get a car insurance because it really is very helpful. There is this website where I found some tips on finding the cheap car insurances. You might find it helpful as well.

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