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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Entertaining In Style

Thanks to Allison Marshall for this guest post.

Being retired, but socially active means attending and hosting a lot of parties. Some people don't like hosting parties, but I love it. I throw lavish parties for my friends, children and grandchildren every chance I get.

And I have a lot of fun cooking for these get-togethers on my shiny Ruffoni copper cookware. Copper is an excellent material for making cooking pots because it conducts heat so well. I can adjust the temperature of the food inside my copper cookware instantly by changing the temperature of the stove. This allows me to cook the dishes I am famous for to perfection. No burning, charring, smoking or any other cooking disasters in my kitchen!

Ruffoni is a well-known brand in copper cookware. Ruffoni cookware is manufactured to exactingly high standards. Their beauty is as mesmerizing as their utility in the kitchen. When I entertain, I make sure all my shiny Ruffoni copper cooking pots and pans are prominently on display in my kitchen. In fact, I think I like hosting parties mainly because parties satisfy my deep need to show off my kitchen utensils to my guests.

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