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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let Somebody Else Take Care Of Your Fulfillment Headaches

If you sell a product to customers, then you probably know all about the headaches associated with stocking, replenishing and storing inventory, making sure that orders get fulfilled on time, the correct products get sent to the correct customers, etc. It can require a full-time staff of several people to keep all this in order so that you have satisfied customers who will return for future purchases.

But, most small businesses do not need to do all this work by themselves. There are companies that specialize in fulfillment, who can take care of all this for you while you concentrate on running your business rather than running around like a chicken with its head cut off! One such company is AMS fulfillment (at

AMS offers the full gamut of fulfillment services. They provide warehousing for your products, assembly of customer orders, and drop-shipping to your customers. But they don't stop there. They can also handle your returns, manage your inventory and take care of the entire logistics of your selling operation.

AMS owns and operates several warehouses where your products can be stored safely and securely, in climate-controlled premises, safe from theft, fire and natural disasters. AMS's dedicated staff take care of all aspects of product fulfillment from stocking and inventory control, to picking, packing and shipping client orders, tracking the orders, and delivery of the orders on time, and in good shape.

AMS fulfillment handles both business to business and business to consumer order fulfillment. The AMS team consists of people with a long experience in the business. They know the ins and outs of the business, and leverage their immense experience to help you run your business smoothly. You can grow and develop your business while they take care of keeping your customers happy and satisfied.

Many business owners start their business thinking that selling is the tough part of business. They quickly realize that selling is the easy part of the business. The tough part is inventory control (inventory control translates directly into cost control), warehousing, packing and shipping orders, tracking deliveries and handling customer returns and refunds. That is why it makes sense to leave these tasks to the experts who have been doing it for several years. You, on the other hand, know your business well, and deserve to concentrate on the expansion and growth of your business rather than the day to day details of fulfillment. Let AMS relieve you of your fulfillment headaches so that you can spend your time more productively on other aspects of your business.

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