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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let Your Fingers Take Over The Shopping!

If your day-after-Thanksgiving was like mine, you are tired from all the running around and shopping at various stores to get the best deals on your Christmas shopping. It is no fun standing in lines in the freezing weather, running around frantically once inside the store to see if what you want is still available, then standing in line once again to check out - all this only to repeat the whole process at another store out there. I know, because that is what I did to try to get my hands on a pair of Timberland pro boots in my size, in the style I want!

If you are shopping for all-American outdoor and casual clothing like jeans, let your fingers take over from here and give your feet a rest. Head on over to Dave's New York for a complete selection of iconic American brands in all lines of workwear, jeans, work pants, military-style clothing, workboots, etc.

Dave's was founded over 45 years back, and is still family-owned. They have a store in Manhattan that is open to customers, but all their merchandise can be ordered online through their website without you having to make the trek to New York.

Don't expect fancy partywear at Dave's though. What they are known for is down-to-earth, practical clothing and footwear that will get you through a workday comfortably and safely. If it is jeans you are interested in, for example, you can get most famous brands like Levi's, Carhartt, Dockers, etc. at Dave's. Within the Levi's brand, for instance, you get all their famous lines of jeans like the Levis 501 and the Levis 514.

Dave's New York was featured in BBC's rough guide to New York, and honored by Maxim magazine by inclusion in their list of 80 greatest shops in the world. They are also rated by Zagat as an outstanding value in New York. Now, you can take advantage of their outstanding value and service without having to set foot in New York! Happy shopping to everyone out there!!

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