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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Modular Construction Saves Time And Money On Projects Of Any Size

Building projects can be complicated and expensive. Putting up buildings requires specialized labor and expertise. Now, instead of traditional building techniques, there is a way to cut the cost, labor and time involved with construction projects using modular building techniques. And one of the leaders in this space is Modular Space Systems.

Modular Space Systems has been an innovator in putting up structures using modular building techniques and prefabrication for the past 14 years. Their leadership position has enabled them to advance modular building to include concepts of sustainability into their design and techniques. They offer Mod5, an advanced sustainable modular building system that makes it easy to put up green buildings suitable for many different climate conditions.

In addition to advances in green modular building, MSS also offers solutions for many other building problems faced by different customers. They can put up office buildings, guard booths, fabric structures, facilities suitable for military and government use, classrooms and educational facilities, etc. They can also construct in-plant wall systems and warehouse mezzanine systems quickly and safely.

MSS has the expertise to walk you through all aspects of modular construction from design to plan, implementation, testing and occupancy. MSS building specialists are on call by phone, email or through the web to help you with your next construction project, however small or large it may be. Take advantage of their expertise to put your next building project in capable hands that won't let you down!

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