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Monday, November 8, 2010

Rain Chains Are An Interesting Addition To Any Yard

I was at a friend's place for a get-together recently when I noticed something unusual in his backyard. It looked like a series of small ornamental cups strung together, one above the other, leading down to a small birdbath-like basin.

When I asked him what it was he said it was a rain chain. I looked up rain chains after I got back home, and figured out that they are ornamental devices that collect rain water and convey them down through clever arrangements of chains, spouts, cups and other interesting shapes.

My friend also told me he got his rain chain from an online store called This store stocks and sells a huge assortment of rain chains in several interesting shapes. If you can think of some interesting and artistically pleasing arrangement of shapes that chains rain, probably has a rain chain that brings your thought to life.

All the rain chains at come with free shipping and a complete satisfaction guarantee. They also guarantee the lowest prices on all their products. And their product line includes more than just rain chains. They also sell various accessories such as rain chain cups, rain chain basins, etc.

Rain chains make an interesting addition to any backyard. If you like fountains, birdbaths and other waterworks in the yard, you are sure to love rain chains. And if you would like a rain chain, but would prefer to get it as a gift from someone special for a special occasion, you can arrange for that too: has a gift registry set up specifically for that purpose!

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rain chains said...

Another rainwater harvesting system, this one fed by a rain chain and designed to blend seamlessly with the plantings surrounding the house for a natural look.

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