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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Restaurateur's Best Friend

Thanks to guest writer, Robert Sandoval, for this post.

Running a restaurant is a lot of fun. But it is also a lot of work. Many people get into the restaurant business because they like food, or people. But making food and serving it to people is only half the business of running a restaurant.

The other half is all the work that goes into it. Produce is easy to buy, and food is easy to cook. But what do you serve your customers in? How are you going to prepare the food the customer wants? How do you keep your restaurant clean? Where do you get supplies like napkins, place settings, coffee mugs, etc.?

Wasserstrom restaurant supplies is my go-to place for taking care of everything I need to run my restaurant on a day to day basis. Whether you need restaurant equipment (ovens and stoves, coffee makers, toasters, etc.), furniture, cleaning and janitorial supplies, disposable stuff (such as napkins and paper towels), signage, office supplies, or any other restaurant supply, Wasserstrom is your one-stop shop to pick up everything you need to run your restaurant efficiently.

You can also get professional cookware at Wasserstrom. But it gets even better. If you run a restaurant, but rely on hired help to prepare the dishes, Wasserstrom can arrange for professional chefs for your restaurant too. If you own a franchise of a chain restaurant, you can get chain restaurant supplies at Wasserstrom too.

I wouldn't know what to do or how I would keep my restaurant running without all the help I get from Wasserstrom. Is it any wonder that I consider Wasserstrom my best friend? If you are a restaurateur, you should make them your best friend too! Running a restaurant should be fun. Leave the headache-inducing details to Wasserstrom!!

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