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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not All Online Tutoring Services Are The Same

With the advent of cheap communications through the internet and VOIP phone solutions like Skype, tutoring over the internet has become practical. A number of companies have jumped into this space to take advantage of this opportunity. But, when it comes to choosing one of them for use by you or your children, it pays to do a lot of research.

Tutorvista is one company that has been in this space for a long time, and has garnered a lot of independent assessments and reviews. Consumersearch, in its reviews for Tutorvista calls it "Best online tutoring". The site then goes on to list the pros and cons of Tutorvista, and provides a detailed analysis of Tutorvista in its Tutorvista review.

Ed Tech Review is another independent review site aimed at teachers and other educators. In its reviews for Tutorvista, the site calls Tutorvista a "very powerful online tutoring environment". The review goes on to recommend the system to all parents. The reviewer cites Tutorvista's high quality and affordability as primary reasons for this endorsement.

Wikipedia also has reviews of Tutorvista as part of its article on the online tutoring service. The history of Tutorvista as detailed in this article makes for interesting reading. It also gives the reader an idea about the breadth and scope of Tutorvista's activities in the online tutoring world. Wikipedia's Tutorvista review also touches upon the challenges the organization faced during its early days.

There is also a site devoted exclusively to comments about Tutorvista from consumers who have used the service, and want to express their opinions about it. That is site is Tutorvista Review. The comments on this site are arranged by date and subject matter of the tutoring. The layout is similar to that of a blog (it is in fact a Wordpress blog), with navigation links in the sidebars to guide visitors to the comments that they are looking for.

Independent reviews and online discussions are useful tools when it comes to doing research on buying products or services online. Online tutoring services can be expensive, and represent a significant investment in your or your children's future. As such, it makes sense to use these review sites to base your judgment of which tutoring service to use rather than blindly choosing one by the roll of a die.

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