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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Retargeting Advertising Provides You The Most Bang For Your Advertising Bucks

As the internet, and consumer behavior on the internet evolve, the old methods of advertising (which mostly involved putting your ads in front of a large audience and hoping for a response, the scatter-shot approach) do not provide a good return on your investment. There is statistical evidence mounting that the best people to target with your ad dollars is people who have already visited your website before, and are somewhat familiar with the products and services you offer. Targeting this audience is called retargeting advertising, and it can make your advertising dollars go a lot farther than traditional scatter-shot advertising.

Retargeting companies specialize in running retargeting advertising campaigns. One of the best known of these with a proven track record of delivering high returns on your advertising dollars with innovative retargeting technology is Recrue Media. Recrue Media's unique pixel technology enables advertisers to segment their audience based on the pages they have visited, and then retarget them with different advertisements based on their perceived interests.

Recrue Media's long list of famous-name clients include household names like Jaguar, British Airways, Holland America Cruiselines, etc. The mathematics behind retargeting are quite complicated, and require heavy duty statistical methods to analyze and understand. Recrue Media has shown itself capable of planning, implementation, execution and post-campaign analysis to help your company understand the impact of retargeting advertising, and its advantages over regular advertising.

The customer testimonials on the Recrue Media are the proof in the pudding of retargeting advertising. Companies have seen tremendous spikes in visitor and conversion metrics because of the targeted nature of the ad campaign, and the lower costs associated with retargeting make the increased sales that much more dramatic. If you have been wondering how to fine-tune your internet advertising to increase your return on investment by orders of magnitude, maybe it is time for you to contact Recrue Media and learn more about what retargeting can do for you!

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