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Sunday, December 5, 2010

You Don't Have To Pay Sky-High Prices Just To Get Access To The Internet

Internet access has become almost as basic as food, water, clothing and shelter. Not having access to the internet is to be cut off from the fastest and most up-to-date source of news that is happening in your neighborhood, the country and around the world. It is also becoming an important source of entertainment and opportunities to socialize with people around the world. And you can't shop at some of the biggest retailers in the world, like, if you don't have internet access.

What if you want to get on the internet, but can not afford the high rates charged by your local phone company or cable provider? That is where comes into the picture. They are an affordable and reliable provider of internet service, serving most of the US and Canada. They have a variety of internet access services to suit everyone's need for speed as well as affordability.

At the low end of their offerings is their cheap dial-up service. Starting at less than $10 per month, it is one of the most inexpensive ways to get on the information superhighway. Dial-up internet was the norm a few years back. At that time, most computers also came up with dial-up modems built-in as part of the standard set of equipment included in computers.

But nowadays, dial-up is inconvenient for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, most new computers do not have built-in dial-up modems. So, you have to buy a dial-up modem separately to get your computer hooked up to dial-up internet service. Moreover, it is slow and ties up your phone line, preventing you from receiving or making regular phone calls unless you have a second phone line dedicated to web-surfing.

So, also has several plans for accessing the internet via DSL service.'s DSL service starts at as little as $19.95/month, and includes 5 free email addresses. Their plans can satisfy your need for speed with download speeds as high as 6 Mbps. They also provide satellite-based internet access through their partnership with Hughesnet Satellite service.

Getting started with is very easy. You can call them over the phone toll-free, or you can head on over to their site if you already have internet access and are looking to switch. They have a convenient online form into which you can enter your address and phone number to see what plans are available for you to choose from. You can then sign up for your choice of service online, and start enjoying their service right away.

Don't let high costs strand you off the information superhighway. Get's affordable internet access, and find your way to a world of adventure, entertainment, news, sports, shopping, and whatever else catches your fancy! You don't have to wonder what you are missing out on anymore. With internet access, you won't miss out on anything happening on the internet.

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