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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Daughter Gets Her Second Pair Of Glasses

It has been almost 2 years since my daughter started wearing spectacles to correct her nearsightedness in one eye. As I wrote in an earlier post, I was able to cut the cost of getting her her first pair of glasses by ordering cheap eyeglasses from Zenni Optical.

Zenni Optical sells directly to customers without using retail outlets or middlemen. There are minimal overheads because of this method of doing business. There are no rents to pay on retail premises. No salaries or commissions to pay salesmen in these retail premises. So, they are able to keep prices low. But low prices do not mean low quality because they have invested in high-tech factories where lenses and frames are manufactured to perfection out of the latest high-tech materials.

Why is all this relevant to me? Well, the dreaded letter came from the school nurse saying that my daughter needed another eye checkup. My daughter did not feel that her vision had improved or deteriorated since her last checkup. But it is hard for her to tell because she has perfect or better-than-perfect vision in one eye, so it always compensates for the other, and makes differences in the less-than-perfect eye hard to notice.

In any case, this last weekend, I took her to an optometrist inside a large department store and had her undergo an eye test. The optometrist examined her eyes and found out that the power in her eye had actually increased over the past 2 years. It was time to get a new prescription filled. And that is where Zenni enters the picture once again.

I asked my daughter whether she was happy with her previous set of glasses. Not only with how it corrects her vision, but also how it looks, how it fits, etc. I did not want to go for the cheap option and leave my daughter fending off mean-spirited schoolmates who made fun of her for glasses that did not look or fit right. But my daughter said she was perfectly comfortable with her glasses and would love to get another pair from Zenni Optical. In fact, some of her classmates had asked her where she had gotten her glasses from. Far from being made fun of, the glasses were actually making her popular!

Saving money is a hobby of mine I enjoy greatly. But sometimes I take it too far and end up with things that are not considered workable, fashionable or even tolerable! Sometimes I end up wasting money because I buy something that is cheap, and then have to end up buying something more expensive anyways because the cheap stuff does not work or look presentable.

At least with Zenni Optical, I made the right choice. I went with the cheap choice, and it turned out to be good too. The quality is wonderful, and the frames fit perfectly. And they look good enough that my daughter does not stand out in a negative way. My pocketbook is certainly very thankful for that!

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